02 June 2011

Consumer Electronics - Crowd Pleaser

Hand To Mouth
Good to see you in your best-behaviour clothes
but best to steer clear of that cheap erotic mind
promising vile yellow nothings
and a right little tight little stunt fuck
another wily leech keen to touch you up
and take a stinky stab at all that's soft and holy

What's got you gulping down the grease
and the odour of mating and trojan mischief?
Something tumbling out the toybox
some determined nudger you met at work
promising k-hole protection
and some day one day soon

Or was it that hit-and-run northern zombie?
Staring at blank TV
surrounded by videos
you could just tell we're in the wrong boxes
daisy-chaining on the dog-shelf with everything on mute
the stage set and paved solid with rubbers and tar

Because you're haunted and battered
because of dwindling resources
because of their babylon mothers
because pretty pastels look good
now that's something been taken
now that's something not coming back
just keep chasing yourself again
taken for a ride on the swings
tell me everything you see
and what you think it means.

Crowd Pleaser LP (Hand To Mouth - 2009)

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