28 October 2017

Phase Fatale - Redeemer


 A few years back, electronic music was looking straight into the future for inspiration. Now, the current producers are gazing back to the past, even though it's projected through the lens of a random tumblr account. In the case of Phase Fatale - the nom de plume of Hayden Payne - the blurred relics and artifacts are the industrial electronics and leather-clad EBM of the mid-to-late 80s.
 Redeemer sounds like a panic attack. The rigid programming makes you move involuntarily, but despite the awkwardness caused by your random tics, you think you look like a badass. You don't. But at least you're enjoying something that has the seal of approval from Corrupted Delights. 

Redeemer CD/LP (Hospital Productions - 2017)

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