10 January 2018

Grunt - Castrate The Illusionist

 Choir Of Corpses 
If only they could have been able to grasp
what it meant to bow down in front of virtues of modern ideals
former ivory towers transformed into reeking piles of feces.

Embracing the enemies
drift and mutate into service of new religion
finding delights in the most loathsome things
furtherance of own personal hell.

Choir of corpses unable to see their own reality
that waits only few steps ahead
singing the hymns of new religions of man.

Howling with broken voices, smiling with fractured jaws
sacrifices never too great - Lure of collective martyrdom.

Castrate The Illusionist CD/LP (Freak Animal - 2018)


  1. hard to follow an orphan baby monkey saved post but fuck it im here. hey you got any Somalian power electronics? im asking for a friend. anyways thanks for this. the finnish are nutty bastards. ☻ cheers!


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