01 March 2018

Mania - Little Pieces Of Violence

 Ενος λεπτου σιγη στη μνημη των δισκων που δεν ακουστηκαν εγκαιρα για να σταθουν διπλα στα καλυτερα της χρονιας. 

 Keith Brewer shows us once more how shit's gets done. As always, Mania's approach is way more freeform than your average power electronics fare, yet it possesses a unique sense of composition behind all the layering of junk metal and sudden burst of anger to be shelved next to the harsh noise crowd. When the chaos is cleared, you can hear the negative space around the edges that builds tension, without a release, even when these Little Pieces Of Violence escalate to their full form. Excellent stuff. 

Little Pieces Of Violence CD (Phage Tapes - 2017)

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