27 August 2018

Mo*Te - Life In A Peaceful New World

 Κατεβαστε τωρα για να (μην) σας παρει ο διαολος. 

 Life In A Peaceful New World has a cult following because of its unusual approach to the noise of the Rising Sun, back in '96. Fimiyuki Nagura steered away from the hi-end Japanoise of his time, to craft a bassy assault, more primal than a Homo Erectus seizure. You can call it proto-HNW, but I wouldn't call the original tape influential by any stretch of my imagination, due to its tiny edition of 50 copies, so here it is, in a slightly bigger CD edition, with a glossy digipack and the works. 

Life In A Peaceful New World CD (Audio Dissection / Industrial Recollections - 2018)

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