20 October 2018

Himukalt - Knife Through The Spine


  After a few releases on high estimated labels, Ester Kärkkäinen's first full-length sounds exactly like its title. Sharp, gritty and to the point.
 Her sound is a hybrid of unhinged power electronics blended with a post-mortem stench, including minimal layering, throbbing synths and obsessive loops. The heavily flanged vocals, interwined into the rotting fabric of the music, are spliced into chunks of indecipherable murmurs and visceral shrieks. Don't make a mistake though and think of Himukalt as another clone of the usual PE terrorists. This is a strictly personal and original statement, a detailed depiction of self-loathing, as Kärkkäinen is mapping her psyche in front of us, channeling her negativity into an impressive album. 

Knife Through The Spine LP (Malignant Records - 2018)

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