07 December 2018

Senyawa - Sujud

   Ο δισκος που περιμενα απο τους Corrupted, αλλα δεν.

 Sujud opens with a guttural incantation that repeats 666 times "Tanggalkan Di Dunia" which means UNDO THE WORLD in Indonesian. I shouldn't have to say more, but some of you are really picky, so I'll try to elaborate, as much as my deep knowledge and penetrative expertise of Indonesian psychedelic avant doom allows.
 Senyawa are a duo that share the ingeniosity of Corrupted at their prime, the sheer volume of early Swans, the exorcist blues of Phurpa and the psych folk mantras of Alexander Tucker if he was born in Yogyakarta, via a love for overamplified self-built stringed instruments with their own wtfness. You just can't believe that there are actually only two dudes behind this wall of Sleep (as in the band, not the act I wanna commit myself to, while I listen to anything SunnO))) released after their Black album) until you check their pic on the album's back cover, chillin' like a villain, instead of eating babies or doing ritual shizz in the name of an unpronounceable deity that urges you to listen to this like now.

Y.Γ. Καρδουλες και Εξαποδους στον πολυλατρεμενο Mixalhs Minmin για το ξεστραβωμα.

Sujud CD/LP (Sublime Frequencies - 2018)


  1. Aν ποτέ ξαναέρθουν για Live εδώ, να ξεστραβωθείς να πας να τους δεις! Μιλάμε για κολαστήριο

  2. Hello, can you reupload the album, please? Many thanks in advance


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