30 January 2019

Controlled Death - Journey Through A Dead Body / Deathwish Tapes 1-3

 Απαυγασμα πεθαμενατζιλας απο το τελευταιο project του Masonna της καρδιας μας. Ο Maso Yamazaki διαλεγει το πιο καυλωτικα τιποτενιο ονομα της χιλιετηριδας για να μας μαυρισει τη ψυχη με 2.5 ωρες πρωτογενους death industrial. Σε περιπτωση που φανταζεστε κατι παραπανω απο ενα προσκυνημα στον ταφο του Atrax Morgue με αποσκελετωμενη δομη και περιστασιακα black φωνητικα, μην μπειτε στον κοπο. Μπομπα.

 After the deluge of Atrax Morgue reissues, it was a matter of time to see Corbelli's influence spread once again, this time all over the newer generation of artists and listeners. Of course, Maso Yamazaki is a living legend, but his latest project, Controlled Death, feels like a rejuvenating move. I dare to say an enthusiastic one. Even if it's morbid as fuck.
 These two albums don't stray from the Slaughter Productions recipe, especially the Deathwish Tapes, which was recorded straight to tape with no overdubs. Masonna now uses sparingly a newfound black metal howl instead of his usual shrieks, but stays within well-defined death industrial parameters. On the other hand, Journey Through A Dead Body is not a nod to TG as its title suggests, but rather an autonomous entity that may has some borrowed limbs, but its voice is entirely singular.

(Urashima - 2019)


  1. Definitely one release I didn't expect to see ripped so soon, what with the multi-format fuckery and all. Thanks and then some.

  2. any chance of this being re-upped? all legitimate sources seem to be sold out of the physical version. thanks!


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