11 July 2019

The Haters - Førti

Να τους χαιρομαστε ♥

 It's not an easy task to be in business for forty years, let alone in the harsh noise business. Actually, Jupitter-Larsen was there before HN even had a name, but luckily, Førti isn't a self congratulatory pat on his own back, but rather a celebration of Noise and Entropy, under their best attire.
 The chronological sequencing of the four tracks, helps the listener to trace the evolution of the Haters sound, which goes from a raw prototype for the americanoise crowd to a focused assault that is kept inside pretty tight parameters of Larsen's own DIY devising. If you're a fan of active listening, you're gonna be rewarded with some exceptional textures, like the essential third track, which sounds like a cascading torrent of harsh purity with a cacophonus violin behind the blasting foreground, but if you just wanna pump your fists in front of your speakers, I can't find a reason not to. In fact, you will, like it or not.

Førti 2x10" & 7" Flexi (Influencing Machine Records - 2019)
(The link has been removed)

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