27 November 2017

Incapacitants - Survival Of The Laziest

 Καθε δισκος των Incapacitants εχει το προνομιο να θεωρειται αυτοματα ο καλυτερος δισκος τους χωρις να γινει εστω μια ακροαση, ποσο μαλλον οταν μιλαμε για τη δισκογραφικη επιστροφη του dynamic duo στην Alchemy μετα απο 10 χρονια. Οποτε η σημερινη μερα θα ξεκινησει επισημα τη στιγμη που θα πατησω play στο Survival Of The Laziest για να επιβεβαιωσω ακομα μια φορα το παραπανω συμπερασμα. 

 You can never have enough Incapacitants in your life. That's not some kind of hyperbole for the sake of it, even if Incapacitants are all about exaggeration. It is the fundamental postulate among noiseheads, at least the self-respecting ones. So, download their latest shriekfest immediately and listen to the Truth.  

Survival Of The Laziest CD (Alchemy Records - 2017)

22 November 2017

The Grey Wolves - Exit Strategy

 There's nothing left except the recordings. You still love us. We will always hate you. This will be the last TGW album.

Exit Strategy CD/LP (Tesco Organisation - 2017)

13 November 2017

K2 - The Rust

 Bαριεμαι απιστευτα να κατσω να γραψω το παραμικρο, οποτε θα υποκριθειτε πως διαβασατε κατι παρα πολυ πρωτοτυπο και θα ειμαστε ολοι ευχαριστημενοι.  

When it comes to prolific artists, the question of quality over quantity inevitably arises, especially if the nature of the music is improvised. In K2's case, you can't tell if his constant output is following a pattern or he just goes berserk over his gear, but if you are anally retentive you can hear the edits and the cuts, pretty much like a Holger Czukay production on bath salts. So, is this edited material considered an improv or just an open-ended composition? And last but not least, why the hell did I choose The Rust instead of Metal Dysplasia or Molekular Terrorism?
 The answer is simplistic and bypasses any logical argument, so spare your ifs and buts. I chose The Rust because it slays. You can't ignore it  by any means, due to its shrill mastering that goes straight into the forbidden Pulse Demon territory, instigating one of the most vivid examples of antagonism between the artist and his audience. It's safe to say that you'll spend hours counting the numerous edits, as well as trying to figure out how the fuck is this record out of the canonical status that it rightly deserves.

The Rust CD (Kinky Musik Institute - 1996)

04 November 2017

Heinz Hopf - Gothenburg

 Με το που ανοιξεις το λιτο αλλα κομψοτατο digifile του Gothenburg, σε καλωσοριζει ενα τεραστιο PURE HARSH NOISE για να ξεκαθαριστουν οι οποιες αμφιβολιες για το περιεχομενο του. Οι Dan Johansson (Sewer Election) και Matthias Andersson (Arv & Miljö) βγαζουν απωθημενα που δεν επιτρεπονται στα προσωπικα τους project.
 Tο ντουετο προσκυναει τα εικονισματα των ηρωων του, οποτε το ξυλο πεφτει μεταξυ Mother Savage Noise Productions, Incapacitants και Lasse Marhaug / Jazkamer / Testicle Hazard, οποτε μη διανοηθειτε να το χασετε αν θελετε να ειστε ευπροσδεκτοι εδω μεσα.

Y.Γ. Εδω πρεπει να ευχαριστησω δημοσια τον Νικολα Genital Grinder για το δωρο του!

 Heinz Hopf blast their way with a full frontal assault of pedal abuse with a heavy physical presence. When they don't go for an impeccable Mother Savage Noise Productions sound, they pay respects to the almighty Incapacitants summoning a huge wall of squelching feedback or they confront Lasse Marhaug in his own game with a beefed-up barrage of sound. It's been a while since I put myself in front of a harsh noise record and this one removed the gunk out of my system like a palate cleanser. So good.

Gothenburg CD (Triangle / Outcry Records / Random Monster - 2013)
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