13 November 2018

Wince - The Older Generation

  Ακουγοντας δυνατα το The Older Generation νιωθω πως ειναι κατι πολυ παραπανω απο ακομα ενας harsh noise δισκος, με την ιδια λογικη που ο Ειρηνικος ωκεανος δεν ειναι απλα πολυ νερο. Η μονομανης αφοσιωση του Wince πανω στον ογκο και το γρεζι του υλικου του θυμιζει απο μακρια την τεχνοτροπια του HNW, ομως τα δυο 18λεπτα κομματια ειναι πολυ δραστηρια με το να βραζουν μεσα στο ζουμι τους. Μην τολμησετε να το χασετε.  

 I've read on the usual forums and mailorders that The Older Generation slays, but I didn't expect it to slay so fucking much. Once you put the stylus on the record, a huge crackling sound emerges, as though the needle were dragging across a closely-miked molten asphalt. Every single second, this self-replicating pitch black miasma, exposes details -not unlike a HNW creation- that your detached listening habits won't reveal easily. Meanwhile, Wince left behind some bursts of sudden activity, be it a buried vocal or a static that manages to go out of the murk, to confuse us even more, so a state of deep listening is required, even though you'll want to scream Eureka on top of your lungs. A solid slab of headcleaning. 

The Older Generation LP (Tordon Ljud - 2018)

04 November 2018

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