24 September 2017

Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

Πεμπτη, 28 Σεπτεμβριου.
Απο τις 21.00 και μετα.
Στο Boiler
All aboard for funtime.
Ακαταληπτες κραυγες ενθουσιασμου: εδω

11 September 2017

Pan Daijing - Lack


 Lack is moving constantly. From the visceral to the reflective, from a faint tape hiss to a blinding digital sheen, from live performances to impromptu studio actions, from signal to noise, usually in the blink of an eye, working outside the listener's comfort zone and expectations. The same cut-and-paste method has been used with amazing results by Faust for the prodigious Rien, but here we have a debut. An amazing one actually.
 Pan Daijing excels at keeping the intensity at a peak, right just before it explodes to a formless mess, either with operatic vocalizing, dissonant loops or clinical pauses that makes you feel awkward, like you've been eavesdropping something that you shouldn't. But you do. And it's so fucking great.
 RIYL Body Sculptures, Yves Tumor, Puce Mary, Rudolf Eb.er.

Lack LP (Pan - 2017)

01 September 2017

V/A - Hour Of The Wolf

 "The old ones called it "the Hour of the Wolf". It is the hour when most people die, when most children are born. Now is when nightmares come to us. And if we are awake, we're afraid."

- Max von Sydow as Johan Borg in Ingmar Bergman's Hour Of The Wolf - 

Hour Of The Wolf CD (Freak Animal - 2013)
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