18 January 2011

Con-Dom - Holy Bible

Bible Right II (The Lord Loves Holocausts)

He left none remaining
but utterly destroyed all that breathed
as the lord god of israel commanded

Do all the words of the law
or the lord your god will bring on you and your offspring
extraodinary afflictions severe and lasting

Now go and smite amalek
and utterly destroy all they have
do not spare them
kill both man and woman, infant and suckling
ox and sheep, camel and ass

The lord loves holocausts
divine punishment for disobedient sinners
just slaughter of the unrepenant sinful
righteous genocide against their despicable children
disease, starving, gassing, burning

The lord loves holocausts
his love and mercy have no bounds

Holy Bible CS (Control Domination - 2007)

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