21 January 2011

Whitehouse - Asceticists 2006

Dumping The Fucking Rubbish

Do you think you could foster all that hate?
Could you foster enough hate?
Is sex boring to your body?
Is sex degrading to your body?
Does somebody withhold sex from you?
Invalidate you sexually?
Has somebody used you sexually?
Anyone drugged you for sexual purposes?
Anybody performed sexual actions on you as a child?
Were your parents mean to you?
You have sexual withholds from your parents?
Brothers or sisters mean to you?
Someone try to abort you?
Neglected as a child?
Hate your parents.
Ever mishandled as a child?
Destroy your toys to get even.
Been implanted with sexual compulsions?
Implanted with sexual inhibitions?
Implanted with sex as evil?
Implanted with sexual pictures?

Any stops in your life?
Been disappointed with someone?
Have you ever pretended to enjoy sex?
Anything concerning sex you have withhold about?
Anything you've done that you are restraining,
yourself from ever doing again?
and yet you know you're still a failing fucking liar,
to mock up a really fucking bad future for yourself.

You're about to
experience getting seriously fucked up.
and once you're willing to,
feel that out of control and getting excited about it.

Dump the fucking rubbish.
Rise up.
Rise up.
Kill this fucking nightmare,
that is inside you.

Asceticists 2006 CD (Susan Lawly - 2006)
(The link is removed due to request)

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