10 November 2010

Atrax Morgue - Pathophysiology

Can you present yourself: how long have you been involved in music? what did you listen to at the beginning?
 My interest in music started when i was a kid, i think 10-12 years old. The first record i bought was Soft Cell's "Non-stop Erotic Cabaret". 
It was the 1985 and i listened basically the early new-wave, punk and goth music. 
You seem obsessed by death-decay-sex: how do you relate all those elements togheter?
 I feel an high connection between sex and death. I feel connections in every contrasts and extremes: Birth-Death, Black-White, 
light-darkness, purity-sleazyness , beauty-uglyness……To make sex is like to die. As you probably know G.Bataille called orgasm as a little 
death. And i think that not only to make sex is like to die. Every moment we pass we die. The past is always dead. The future is a black hole. 
Death obsessed artists (witkin, Nitsch, Baudelaire, Sade) often eroticise death- do you? Does it interest you to?
Yes, i always eroticise death. Death is the highest expression of sexuality/ sensuality. I like very much these artists like Witkin, Nitsch, Sade and especially Georges Bataille and Hans Bellmer (that was also very good friends…)They made fetish as a philosophy centred on the eternal 
life-death cycle, eros-thanatos. Their art is erotic, sadomasochistic, feticist and perverse. they had an hard fight against society that always condamn death and sexuality like disorder elements and charge them with taboos and prohibition. Bataille and Bellmer have decided to run " a way without compromises, a stormy way, that one of the human being in his integrity without mutilations". At the basis they suppose that a man that do not try eroticism beyond the limits is alienated like the man that have not known the interior experience.
Do you enjoy violence? How?
Well, i'm not a sadist. I don't like gratuite violence.I'm more masochist and i like more psychological violence upon the masses. I'm a great mass-hater! If i'll be able to express my final wish it will be to destroy all humanity - and after this, to kill myself.
(Interview Excerpts Taken From Acepahale Magazine 10.1998)

Pathophysiology CD-R (Old Europa Cafe - 2006)

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