03 June 2016

Sutcliffe Jügend - Offal

Here it is, the unflattering truth
Here I fucking am
This is me
Too scared to bare the truth
Too scared bare the one part of me
That'll leave me naked and vulnerable
At your feet
The words you're too naive to hear
Too dumb to understand
Too prejudiced to fucking accept
Language is the failure
Dying as we speak
Sucked in and vomited out
Dead on my lips
Taboo and self deceit
Entwined and ingrained
A sexless liberalism
A non violent epitaph
Your compulsion to inhabit a world in which I do not
You beg for degradation
But it's my degradation
It's my fall to this filthy fuck world
You long for me to cut away your dignity
I comply
I hack off your arms
My venus
My beautiful lover
Cleave my fatty fort blood clotted heart in two
Oblique metaphor?
Hidden meaning?
Half truth?
"I try to fuck your lifeless body
Ι know what I have become
I know that I am truly fucked from this moment
This I can never return to whatever was before
I slide my cock inside
I look up to see your family watching
Not daring to breathe
What unholy beast I have become
Death fornicator
Watch me fail
Watch me degrade your memory of her
Watch me destroy myself here
I don't stop, I can't
I'm too scared of what is to come when I stop
Even when I come, I continue
Delaying the inevitable
When I do finish, I become nothing
I am nothing
No longer in the moment of the infinite void
I return mortal

Offal CD/LP (Cold Spring - 2016)

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