04 April 2017

Wolf Eyes - Undertow / Right In Front Of You

 O Kiwiknorr τα λεει εδω πολυ καλυτερα απ' οσο θα μπορουσα εγω, οποτε το μονο που συμπληρωνω ειναι PSYJAZZ AF.

 It ain't easy to be a Wolf Eyes fan. You have to be there 24/7, tracking the numerous releases of an ever-expanding discography of a band, which is in a middle of a constant flux of ideas and influences. But it's fun AF. The squad plays a grim mutation of industrial, dub and electronics, while their internet personas are all over the place, with a humour that would make El Duderino laugh out loud. If you can't come in terms with this contradiction, well, you're missing the point. And the fun.
 So even though Undertow and its sibling, Right In Front Of You is damp and reeks of rotten smell, (something like Stare Case playing at the same time with Regression), you can't help but have fun with it, a four-letter word among the scene. I can't find a bigger compliment than this.

Undertow CD/LP (Lower Floor Music - 2017)
Right In Front Of You CD (Lower Floor Music - 2017)

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