16 July 2018

Anastasia Ax / Lasse Marhaug - Objects To Be Destroyed

 Σ' ενα κοσμο που ζει και βασιλευει ο Lasse Marhaug δε βρισκω το λογο να βολευτουμε με κατι λιγοτερο, ειδικα οταν υπαρχουν κυκλοφοριες οπως το Objects To Be Destroyed. Ο Νορβηγος ερχεται αντιμετωπος με την performance artist και εικαστικο Anastasia Ax σ' ενα σαρανταλεπτο αυτοσχεδιασμο που μετατρεπεται βραδυκαυστα σε action. Λαμαρινες, μικροφωνα επαφης, στριγγλιες και ανασες. Καλο καλοκαιρι. 

Anastasia Ax, a performance artist whose work evokes the spirit of actionism, meets the almighty Lasse Marhaug for the slow-burning fulfilment of the titular promise. Apparently, some objects are destroyed through some proper metal bashing, but the tape catches some subtle nuances that differentiates this badassery from your run-of-the-mill junk metal torture. You can almost hear the room's dimensions along with heavy breathing, shrieks, laughter, cries and of course the controlled feedback. That's why we're here for anyway.

Objects To Be Destroyed CS (Rekem Records - 2018)

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