03 July 2018

Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Noncanonical Gospels From The Cult Of The Immortal Tapir

 Αδιανοητο ψυχιατρειο απο ιδρυτικα μελη της BUFMS. Οι Bren't Lewiis Ensemble παιζουν αντι-μουσικη για πρωτοντεμακηδες των Shaggs. Πιθανοτατα για τους συλλεκτες της Chocolate Monk. Ισως και για οσους θεωρουν πως οι Residents ξεπουληθηκαν μετα το Warner Bros Album. Παιζει να το εκτιμησουν οσοι εχουν προτομη του Wild Man Fischer στο σαλονι τους. Παντως, το μονο σιγουρο ειναι πως οι Bren't Lewiis Ensemble παιζουν αντι-μουσικη για τους αναγνωστες του Corrupted Delights. Και εμεις ευχαριστουμε ιδιαιτερως την Coherent States γι' αυτο.

 You might have heard of the Bren't Lewiis Ensemble as members of the Butte County Free Music Society -a collective that gave voice to pranksters, weirdos and anti-musicians in the early 80s until now- but you certainly do know them as the vehicle of Seymour Glass, the publisher of Bananafish, the magazine that sheltered every obscure music that mattered in the DIY infrastructure. So, there's a method behind the ostensible randomness of their latest tape. I think. You can't be sure about anything that comes out of these guys.
 Who cares about facts anyway? As long as this dadaist jam of surreal spoken word, reel-to-reel awkwardness, scratchy samples of wtfuckness, found sounds, readymade informecials and homemade electroacoustic non-sense exists, I don't. Highest possible recommendation to everyone who has loved Prick Decay and adored Smegma. And everything in between. 

Noncanonical Gospels From The Cult Of The Immortal Tapir CS
(Coherent States - 2018)

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